Saturday, July 28, 2012

Education of medics 'bad'

about the benefits of exercise for patients who do not teach medical students in most being active is an important part of staying healthy is in research, suggests that British sports medicine journal.

Find command, 31 United Kingdom medical school researchers survey was "sparse or non-existent".

Taught students about the benefits of exercise each year only four courses.

Years does not cause the death of 5.3 m physical activity United Kingdom discovered on the third adult enough last week.

Was sent a survey questions on the contents of the education on the promotion of physical activity and curriculum and each medicine medical research leader of in the new study.

( CMO ) physical activity for all age groups, they also published last July, Chief Medical Officer of teaching curriculum asked whether the part was.

Not include the education of any particular physical activity in their 5 schools undergraduate said. Only half included courses, current CMO leadership.

The average amount of time spent teaching the physical activity and only four hours of Pharmacology (effects and drug use) 109 hours average was a minimal comparison research suggests.

Led by University College London Hospital wrote in her diary by the researchers, Dr. Richard Wyler: "physical activity basics understanding effectively (and behavioral modification techniques), promote and follow the contemporary non-contagious chronic disease management clinical guidelines is how to combat age of upholding the ability of the doctor of the future settlement Act".

And they suggest a "major disconnect between policy in medical education, clinical guidelines for long term conditions and the State".

As a matter of urgency for all their dedicated physical activity time medical student call instruction.

More Legionnaires you city

taking a total 15 confirmed 14 cases in four North of University Hospital in Legionnaires ' disease example Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire being treated.

He said health protection agency has sent critical Glenfield Hospital Leicester man.

An important condition of other people, were being treated with the University Hospital of North Staffordshire 13 other patients.

Distributors and their patients, all aged 70 mid to late forties "in stable and improving condition" said.

Director of the health protection agency health protection unit for the demanding Professor Duggal Stafford new cases are not surprised, he said.

"To develop sampling and disinfectant exposure sources are exposed to Legionella people symptoms after two weeks, he said.

Health and HPA said had continued the work to Safety Executive is trying to stoke the NHS and the City Council, finding the source of the epidemic.

Disease-related hospital it wasn't in it is safe for the patient to attend.

'Need' standard bedside chart

as currently monitored how important signs blood pressure and temperature in hospitals, may need to be standardized across the NHS's to monitor vital signs, experts say more than 100 different systems are.

Can cause confusion now over 100 different models are used and sometimes getting help patients in the delayed.

Transition to the system of the national community and the Group of senior doctors and nurses will save thousands per year of life.

NHS leaders backing fun in system to adopt within one year in the United Kingdom group.

National early warning score-and method is called-the Royal College of physicians and drawn after reviewing many of the bedside chart model used in the entire NHS, nursing.

It is based on the measure respiration, oxygen concentration, temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate, consciousness level six scoring system.

It's also color coded admit critical care use or need evaluation further patient charts are judgment, potentially.

Save a life

Royal Colleges avoid toll save the nearly 6000 said can halve the hospital means living in one year.

Chairman of the Working Group drew the Professor Bryan Williams, the new system would be as staff move around health, it means their service to get the work in a new way would have no training necessary to use.

Possibility to convert the main story read more, our hospital patient safety
and improve outcomes, very important is "

Add a quote Professor Brian Williams Royal College physicians his exit: converted to our hospital patient safety, to improve the results of May is very "important".

Adopt a hospital system enforcement is not, he would accept it during the twelve months following the NHS was backing the two Royal Colleges as well as the expected health Professor, Williams said.

Refer to the use of if to assess GPs and emergency services also involves transferring it outside of the hospital, patients to the hospital he is whether want to.

System does not apply to care for pregnant women and children under 16 years of age.

Catch the degradation in the early stages of the initiative of the Medical Director of the NHS in England Professor Sir Bruce and self-employed, "a huge improvement" to say will lead to, gave his endorsement.

Chief Executive Officer of the patients Association, Katherine Murphy, said and should be introduced urgently, national systems.

Shock "public NHS learn things ad hoc system is that sales will receive.

"Therefore, not one negative surprise result of experience and many patients. ?

Friday, July 27, 2012

Shift to a heart attack job links

shift can destroy biological clock in at night and shift workers health problems which lead to little, heart attack and stroke one day having more workers at risk, research shows that.

In the British medical journal more than 2 m workers said to disrupt the biological clock shift can work in research, including analysis and lifestyle are affected.

It will increase in the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes linked in earlier.

Experts said would help limit the night shift to cope with workers.

The team of researchers from Canada and Norway 34 analysis study.

Is the sum of 6598, cardiac arrest 17359 1854 caused by lack of blood to the heart attack and cerebral stroke with some kind of had a coronary events.

These events was common to other people than the shift workers.

Heart attack risk that is linked BMJ study calculated shift work is 23% increase in risk of coronary events increased by 24% and 5% increased risk of stroke.

However, it was.

Main story ensuring workers there are 2 full nights sleep the days read more
and can help people deal with the night shift work ".

In their findings made on account of the socio-economic conditions of the labour safety and health researchers workers end quote Jane White institutions, diet and general health.

No rest

And tended by the bad meal shift workers sleeping Western University Associate Professor Canada, Dan Hackam, London Ontario, said.

"Does not have defined rest period hours all until the night shift workers. Bad cholesterol and obesity are in a State of perpetual nervous system activation is "and he said.

The author identifies the screening program and shift workers say may help treat risk factors such as high blood pressure or cholesterol.

They may indicate shift workers also seen, get an education about what symptoms add for is early heart problems.

This is the complex issues surrounding the occupational safety and health agencies, shift work, said Jane White, research, Information Services Manager.

"It will result to domestic issues of social issues and as reliance on can interfere with appetite, digestion, sedatives, stimulants or.

"Is in error, work, impact on the performance of these increase the likelihood of accidents even if the adverse effects on health can be.

Well managed said the required shift effects.

"Permanent night workers and limit of up to 12 hours of two night minimum shift shift, avoid sleep and day and night shift can help people cope with the shift work, simple and practical solutions.

Ellen Mason, senior cardiac nurse ) United Kingdom Heart Foundation has increased risk to individual shift workers "relatively small," he said.

"However, many 4:51 and does not work so these findings are important to much.

"Whether of eat healthy food at night, work at night and normal business hours, your smoking and getting active can be big differences in heart health.

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